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RV Vacation Ideas

El Monte RV prides itself in being more than just a place that offers RV rentals. As one of the largest RV rental companies in the world, El Monte RV has plenty of experience dealing with both RVs and RVers. Our extensive knowledge has allowed us to compile a list of some of the most popular activities our customers and their motorhomes have engaged in. Make your vacation in one of our recreational vehicles the trip of a lifetime for you and your friends or family! Check out the wide variety of categories for some fun-filled ideas for your trip!

RV Vacation Idea:  Air Shows

Whether you prefer experimental aircraft or F18s, there’s an air show in America just for you. Traveling to those air shows by RV makes perfect sense—no time wasted finding hotels or eating in restaurants. Your El Monte RV Rentals motorhome is hotel room and convenient kitchen combined, so you can plan to see as many planes as possible on your next air show trip. Use this handy guide to some of America’s top air shows to plan your RV air show tour. Explore 
RV Activities: Ten Awesome Lakes in America for RV Camping

There are thousands of lakes in the U.S. that make perfect destinations for RV camping trips. Everyone should have the chance to combine fishing, boating, hiking or just sitting in a lawn chair by a beautiful lake with comfortable RV camping. Here’s our list of just some of the best lakes in America for RV campers. Explore 
Antique Shopping / Antiquing - RV Vacation Idea

Does your dream vacation involve cruising the open road in search of antiques bargains? With an El Monte RV motorhome rental, that can be a dream come true! Luxurious accommodations, no hotel rooms to book, and plenty of room to carry home your purchases. Explore 
Auto Museums - RV Vacation Idea

We Americans have had a long-standing love affair with our cars. For all those that can't get enough of this American passion, try a vacation visiting auto museums. What a great way to connect generations together by taking a trip back in time in an RV to see cars from the turn of the century to the present. Explore 
Beach Camping - RV Vacation Idea

Sun, sand and convenient RV camping spaces – these are the ingredients for an amazingly relaxing vacation. Why not catch the beach camping wave by enjoying RV camping on the water this year? Explore 
RV Vacations for Bird Lovers

Combining a bird watching trip with an RV vacation can end up being the vacation of a lifetime. Rather than taking off with nothing more in mind than wandering the forest paths or lazing on a beach, a bird watching vacation has a special purpose and can make wonderful memories. It’s great to get out into the forests, rugged terrain and lush valleys of our beautiful country. And getting there by RV is the ideal and convenient way to travel. Explore 
RV Camping Ideas - National Parks and more!

Whether it's white-water rafting or hiking through quiet meadows, you can always find something great to do while camping in America. Why not get started planning your next adventure camping trip? Explore 
Car Shows / Auto Shows by RV - RV Vacation Idea

What could be more American than an RV trip to attend a great car show? If you’ve always wanted to be a part of the new model debuts or fantastic classic car shows, but don’t like the hassle and expense of hotels and restaurants, a motorhome is the perfect solution. Let’s look at some of the places car show fans love to travel by RV. Explore 
Casino RV Camping - RV Vacation Idea

If rolling the dice gets your blood pumping, you’re going to love travelling to the casino in your RV! Why rent a hotel room when you can recharge from an exciting night at the tables in the comfort of a motorhome? We’ve compiled an impressive list of casinos with RV parking (some even free!) available. Comfort, privacy and convenience, it’s a sure thing when you travel to gamble by RV! Explore 
RV Vacation Idea:  Dog Shows

Do you love dogs? Then you should definitely consider traveling by RV to see at least one major dog show. Traveling in RV luxury to the excitement and glamour of top dog shows is a vacation you won’t soon forget. There are so many ways to incorporate dog shows into an RV trip. Here are some ideas to help you plan your next RV vacation to dog shows. Explore 
Fall Foliage Trip Ideas for Your RV Vacation

Plan a spectacular color-viewing rv trip! Explore 
RV Camping and Fishing in North America

It’s fishing season somewhere in the USA, and you should be out there enjoying it! Fantastic lakes and rivers are filled with fish just waiting to test your skills. Start packing your tackle box and grab your fishing buddies! It’s definitely time for a fishing trip by RV. Explore 
Food Festivals / Food Travel - RV Vacation Idea

Does the idea of travelling to a giant food fest whet your appetite? Our RV rental clients have given us the scoop on some of the country’s best food-centered celebrations. Whether it’s down-home Cajun cooking or a chance to sample regional wines, follow the link to culinary adventure. Let El Monte RV suggest the motorhome to match your discriminating tastes! Explore 
College Football Tailgating by RV / Motorhome

For college football fans, there’s nothing quite like the sounds and excitement of game day. So why miss a thing travelling from hotel to stadium? Drive up, break out the grill, and show off your tailgating talents! Why wait for home games, when you can follow the team in your ‘home away from home’? Check this handy schedule of NCAA football, plan your trip with El Monte RV, and get ready to cheer your team on to victory! Explore 
Pro Football Tailgating / Tailgating to NFL Games

For pro football fans, there’s nothing quite like traveling in style to the big game, or creating your own tailgate party traditions. An El Monte RV makes it simple and affordable to be right in the middle of the action, on your own terms! We want to help you get your game on by providing you with up-to-the-minute information on upcoming professional football games, as well as a handy guide for finding an RV rental close by. Explore 
Golf Courses with RV Campgrounds

Hey all you golf fans out there...did you know there are many golf courses out there with RV Parks? Take your passion for golf with you and enjoy the great outdoors at the same time! Golf by day, camp by night! The best of both worlds! Explore 
Hiking Adventures for your RV Rental Vacation

Hiking is a great way to see our natural world, and it is a particularly rewarding opportunity to experience the beauty of scenic lakes, rivers and mountains. Any time is the perfect time to take a hiking trip by RV! Explore 
National Historical Parks / Sites RV Vacation

We’re constantly amazed at the variety of historical sites visited by our customers! Rolling across the nation in El Monte RVs, they gain new appreciation for the events that created America. Their children learn, firsthand, about the people and places in their history textbooks. Explore 
RV Rentals for Hobbies

Rent a motorhome for all your favorite hobbies like antique shopping, fishing, bicycling, climbing, running, collecting, horseback riding, and more! Hobbies provide a wonderful outlet. Explore 
Horseback Riding Vacations - RV Vacation Idea

Giddyup! It’s time to start planning your next horseback riding vacation. Housed in a luxurious motorhome, you’ll have the best of both worlds – RV comfort and plenty of time spent out exploring nature. Explore 
Hot Air Balloon Festival RV Vacation - RV Vacation Idea

Imagine waking up to the sight of hundreds of hot air balloons outside your window! When you start with a motorhome rental from El Monte RV and use our convenient guide to Balloon Fests, that beautiful sight becomes reality. Experience the excitement of lift-off without worrying about finding a hotel close by. If your own balloon will be lifting off, treat your ground crew to the comfort and luxury of an RV. Go chase a balloon, you’re going to love it! Explore 
RV Vacation Idea:  Hunting Trips

When hunting season arrives, it's time to get out there and enjoy it. The forests and plains are teaming with a wide variety of game just waiting to challenge your skills. Grab your rifle, shotgun or archery equipment, your fellow hunting buddies and hit the road. It’s the perfect time for a hunting trip in an RV motorhome. Explore 
RV Vacation Idea:  Kayaking / Canoeing

Watching your paddle slice through blue water as you glide over a quiet lake—sound like something you’d like to do on vacation? For many travelers, the perfect trip begins and ends on the water. No matter whether canoeing or kayaking is your passion, RV campers have access to amazing venues throughout the US. We’ve gathered information on some of the best rivers, lakes and streams in America, so grab your paddles, pack the RV and get going! Explore 
Mountain Bike Racing - RV Activity Idea

Blasting past the pack down a mountain trail. Smoking past trees, through streams and around boulders. If that sounds like your kind of weekend activity, you’re a natural for a mountain bike race event. El Monte RV is helping keep competitors comfortable at these races nationwide, and we can provide the right housing for your bike racing weekends. Here’s more… Explore 
RV Camping at Music Festivals - RV Vacation Ideas

The thrill of watching your favorite performers, combined with a once-in-a-lifetime trip, makes a music festival the perfect RV destination. Rub shoulders with other fans, camp close to the action, don’t miss a single song. Motorhome rentals make it simple; just book your RV, buy your tickets and hit the road! Explore 
NASCAR RV Rentals for NASCAR Vacations

What a rush—driving to the big race in the luxury of an El Monte RV! Why fight for a hotel room miles from the track, when you can drive right up to the race, unpack your tailgating kit and start grilling? Not only can we help you find the perfect RV for your race day experience, we even provide a schedule of upcoming NASCAR events! Break away from the pack and realize your NASCAR dreams in comfort. Call us to get things rolling! Explore 
RV Rentals for a National Park Vacation / National Park Vacations

Explore the wonders of America's National Parks, National Recreation Areas and National Historic Sites from the comfort of an El Monte RV motorhome rental. From sea to shining sea, virtually every state in the United States has a National Park or recreation area for our enjoyment and wonderment. Explore 
NHRA Racing
Enjoy exciting NHRA Racing RV Vacations from the comfort of an El Monte RV motorhome! Explore 
Off Roading (ATV, OHV) & RV Camping, Off Roading RV Vacations

Do you love finding new places to take your four-wheel drive vehicle off-road? Off-roading can be a blast, with the right place to camp when you’re through. Why not make an RV camping road trip out of your next off-road adventure? Explore 
Rappelling Adventures - RV Vacation Idea

Dropping down the face of a cliff using rope and tackle might not seem like fun to some people, but you’ve learned the joys of rappelling! RV camping and your rappelling habit are a natural fit—you can drive right to the National Park or lakeside cliff where your adrenaline gets puts to the test. Chances are there’s a great RV campground nearby, so when you’re finished hanging tough you can drop right down into the comfort of a motorhome to recharge for the next day’s outing. Let’s look at some of the best rappelling and RV camping venues in the US. Explore 
RV Rentals for Renaissance Fairs

Once the playground of historical re-enactors, America's Renaissance Fairs have evolved into huge, multi-week events that play host to thousands of visitors each season. To help you plan your next RV vacation, we've pulled together our picks for the Top Ten US Renaissance Fairs: Explore 
RV Camping to Rodeos - RV Vacation Idea

Yeehaw! Bucking broncos, twisting bulls and blindingly fast roping teams; you’ll find them all at a good old-fashioned rodeo. Smart rodeo fans know one of the best ways to follow the circuit is by RV. Here’s the lowdown on some of the best rodeos America has to offer RV travelers. Explore 
RV Skiing Vacations - RV Vacation Ideas

Do you love to hit the slopes, but hate paying for lodging? RV camping is available near many of America’s top ski slopes. A fully-equipped, luxurious RV rental takes the place of noisy, crowded condos and you can really save money by cooking meals in your motorhome. Gather your ski party and rent an RV to come home to after a day of skiing. It will change the way you ski from now on! Explore 
RV Activity Ideas - Special Events

Whether attending the Rose Parade or Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Challenge, a motorhome rental makes it fun, easy and affordable. Focus your energy on the excitement these events have to offer, and leave the RV rental arrangements to us! Explore 
RV Travel to Sporting Events

We hear this all the time—the family’s tired of traveling to team events in a vehicle crowded with kids and sports gear! Why not provide your family with a roomy RV with plenty of space to stow equipment? Let them arrive at the tournament happy and ready to play, instead of cranky and ready to scream! At El Monte RV, we have connections for rental RVs around the country, so let us take the pain out of following the team by helping you plan your next trip. Explore 
State Fairs - RV Vacation Idea

Where do we start to sing the praises of the American State Fair experience? There’s literally something for every age group at the State Fairs our customers visit. From up-close encounters with livestock to first-run concert offerings, America’s State Fairs are a sight to behold for the savvy RV traveler. Explore 
Top Surfing & RV Camping Destinations - RV Vacation Idea

From the cold water surfing off the Washington Peninsula to the warm waves of Florida’s Central Atlantic Coast, America’s great surf spots are the perfect destinations for RV camping. Get ready to load your boards into a comfortable RV and hit the road for the best surfing in America! Explore 
Theme Parks, Amusement Parks - an RV Vacation Idea

Imagine traveling to some of America’s best theme parks in a well-equipped RV! Chart a course to an RV vacation filled with the old fashioned chills and high tech thrills of our country’s fabulous theme parks. Here’s the latest on theme parks, and great RV camping, across the US. Explore 
RV Vacation Travel with Pets

A vacation in an RV is something to remember, and when the family can take their pet along, it is all the more enjoyable. Explore 
Wine Country Touring by RV Rental

Nestled in the scenic hills of Northern California, you’ll find some of the country’s best wineries. Stretching along the Central Coast up into the Bay Area, these beautiful vineyards consistently produce award-winning vintages. We also list other interesting wine festivals around the US. Explore 


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