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How To Rent An RV/Motorhome

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How to Rent an RV



Following are the steps you need to follow to rent an RV and find the best motor home to fit your needs, the best RV rental prices, the best places to camp in your RV, and other information to make your RV rental journey easier, and more comfortable.
Step 1: Determine where and when you want to go.  You may already have decided that next month you want to visit a national park, go to an event, visit a theme park, or just cruise across America in your rental RV.  However, this is usually the first place to start when trying to plan a successful RV rental trip.  You need to know where and when you want to go to make the best plan possible.
Step 2: Decide how many people you will need to accommodate, and what facilities you will need to make sure everyone has the necessary sleeping accommodations, restroom & kitchen facilities, etc.
Step 3: Pick an appropriate RV to rent that meets your needs.  The easiest way to do this is to start getting prices by clicking the "Pickup Location" drop down button under the "Rent an RV" box on the top left.  During the process of getting pricing you will see all the available vehicles for the location you select with their floor plans and sleeping capacities.  All vehicles come equipped with refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, sinks, showers, toilets, and generators to produce electricity.  So, unless you have very specific requirements such as a television, or bunk beds, it should be enough information to help you select the rental RV you need.  However if you need more information, you can also go through all our vehicle types by visiting the RV's We Rent page.
Step 4: Determine your pick-up location.  Depending on the type and length of your trip you may want a pick-up location that is close to where you live, or one that is close to your destination of choice.  Either way you can start by either selecting a pick-up location from the "Rent an RV" box on the top left which will allow you to select by state, then location, or you can visit our Where You Can Rent RV's page and find the location that best meets your requirements.
Step 5: Find the best price for your RV rental trip.  RV Rental rates can start at less than $99 per day.  There are a few important things you should know about finding the best RV rental rate.  Rates and available RV rental units vary a great deal and finding the best rate depends on a few important criteria:  
  • The dates of your RV rental.  Certain times of the year are more expensive than others for renting an RV.  Typically summer is the most expensive because of the high demand for RV rental vacations.  This is because summer is when most families are on summer holiday and it is easier for the whole family to travel.
  • How far in advance you are making the reservation.  Most people don't realize that renting an RV can be much like reserving a flight or hotel.  Pricing is affected by the number of RV rentals still available for your travel dates at the time you make the reservation.  The farther in advance you make reservations, the better the rate.  If you are traveling in a particularly busy time of the year it is important to make a reservation early to guarantee that the RV you prefer is still available.  It is often better to make a reservation early with a $150 deposit to guarantee the reservation and then change it later if necessary, than to wait until the last minute to make a reservation and have to pay higher rates or find that the vehicle is no longer available.
  • The type of RV rental vehicle you choose.  If you are particularly concerned with price, this is an area that you can save money.  Many of our vehicles have sleeping accommodations for 5 or 6 people.  If you don't need all the extra amenities or space, you can often save money by choosing a different RV.  Additionally certain types of RV's are in greater demand at some locations at specific times of the year.  Occasionally a larger RV might even be less expensive than a smaller RV.  It is worth looking at all your options to choose the rental RV that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Choose your pick-up location.  When you are choosing your pickup location you should also take notice of other RV rental locations around your first choice.  Sometimes a specific location may have less availability and higher rates for a particular rental RV type.  If you cannot find the vehicle type or price that you are looking for at your first choice of location, you should look to see if there is an acceptable alternative location nearby that might have more availability and maybe even lower rates for your choice(s) of RV.
Step 6:  Make an RV Rental Reservation.  After you have explored all your options and made your plans, you should need to make a reservation.  The easiest way to make a reservation is to start with the RENT AN RV box at the top left of the page.
Step 7:  Planning the rest of your trip.  Visit our What To Do page which contains information on: RV Camping Destinations, RV Camping Itineraries, Other Trip Planning Resources, Tools for the Trip, RV Camping Education, Green RV Camping, and Other Camping Resources.
Step 8:  On the day of pickup:  Be sure to call the office where you're picking up your motorhome on the morning that you're picking up between 8:30 and 9am to get your pickup time.  Be prepared to have your driver's license for all parties that will be driving the motorhome, as well as insurance information if you are providing your own insurance.
To Summarize:

5 Simple Steps on How to Rent an RV

Step 1: Determine where, when and with whom your RV travel will occur.

Step 2: Select an RV that fits the needs of the location and size of the travel party.
Step 3: Searching nearby locations for rental, try to find the best cost – Pro-tip: The farther in advance you book, the lower the cost.
Step 4: Make a reservation with the RV rental company that can offer you the accommodations you need.
Step 5: Start mapping your route, planning daily travel and activities.








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