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RV Rental JAPAN -
For Your JAPAN RV Vacation


Japan, the "Land of the Rising Sun", offers a tremendous amount of natural beauty and Japan RV Rental Rising Sun

diversity for anyone planning an RV Vacation - from its national parks to beaches, to mountains, and lakes, rivers and streams, and numerous man-made attractions and theme parks, Japan offers something for everyone.


Motorhome rentals in Japan provide a unique way to experience the all the natural wonders the country has to offer.  It also allows you to interact with Japanese people where they live in different regions.


See Mount Fuji up close in comfort camping in a nearby campground in your own campervan rental.  Explore the beauty and wonder of Shiga Kogen Highland National Park.  See amazing sites like the Shinkyo Bridge, or the Hitachi Seaside Park's amazing flowers.


Your Japanese camping adventure awaits.  Experience the Japan most people don't even know exists. RV Camping in Japan

Now you can hire a camper and visit all these extraordinary places and see them when you want to as you drive the countryside of Japan and explore at your leisure.

RV Vacations in Japan

El Monte RV Japan rents motorhomes with all the comforts and conveniences of home which allows you to explore and stay where and when you want to stay.


You can stop at tourist sites along the way or stay in national parks.  What you see is only limited by your imagination and ability to find the all the hidden treasures Japan has to offer.


Below we provide resources to help you plan your Japan RV vacation.  Take a few minutes with these resources to plan your adventure and prepare to wander the open road and find the the potential highlights of your upcoming vacation driving and camping in Japan.



JAPAN Countryside Photos

Lake Shikotsu Hokkaido Shiga Kogen Highland National Park
Lake Shikotsu Hokkaido Shiga Kogen Highland National Park
View of Mt. Fuji from Chureito Pagoda Shinkyo Bridge
View of Mt. Fuji from Chureito Pagoda Shinkyo Bridge



Japan RV Camping

Flag of Japan

Japan has a wealth of attractions from national parks, to historic sites and theme parks.  Vacation possibilities include the beach, fishing, hiking, skiing and so much more.


There is no shortage of things to do and see in Japan during an RV vacation, including visiting the impressive Mount Fuji.  Check out this comprehensive travel guide to ensure a fantastic vacation!

National Parks


Japan is home to 34 national parks, the first having been created in 1934Kegon Waterfalls in Nikko National Park - Setonaikai National park.   In addition to national parks, Japan also has 56 quasi-national parks. 





Other Resources:


National Parks of Japan


"Japan's natural bounty is preserved in these regions.
Embark on a journey that allows you to come into contact with nature!"






Traveling to Japan

Many people's RV vacation starts by flying to Japan where they pick up their RV rental for their Japan RV Vacation. Japan has many major airports that can be used to travel to the country.

Airports in Japan

For individuals picking up their Japan RV rental, there are a number of airports to fly into.  Here are just a few:


Major Attractions and Events



Japanese Campgrounds



Japan Map Tourism By Prefecture

(Click Image For Full Size Map)

Campgrounds By Prefecture 

(Translated to English)









It's time to hit the road for your Japan RV Adventure!




If you have always wanted to hike in Japan, here is a video about 7 Great Hikes in Japan:




Looking for some unique travel ideas in Japan?  




This is a small sample of some great video's about Japan's national parks:


Daisetsuzan National Park “Sounkyo”




Hiking on Beautiful Valley in Japan's Quasi-National Park - Trip in Mie pref. Japan




Traveling to Japan discovery."Akan National Park"




Mount Fuji & Hakone National Park - Japan





We've only showed a small sample of the national parks and scenic sites that Japan has to offer someone travelling by RV.  If you would like more information on renting an RV in Japan please contact us:


For US based customers wishing to reserve an rv, please call 1-888-337-2200.  For customers who live outside the USA, please visit this website:



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